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Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1982-11-27
Nature Boy
9,948 Views · 8 months ago

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1982-11-27

Ric Flair  Spilt Liquor  Speech!! Best 30 seconds in TV history.
Nature Boy
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Ric Flair promo to end all promos

UWF Mid South Wrestling | The Untold Story | Wrestling Territories Documentary 10/50
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The Universal Wrestling Federation was owner Bill Watts' attempt at taking his Mid-South Wrestling promotion to a national level in 1986.
The attempt failed and in 1987, Watts sold the organization to Jim Crockett Promotions and it became part of what would later be known as World Championship Wrestling. The promotion had started out as an NWA Territory known as NWA Tri-State
founded by former territory wrestler, Leroy McGuirk in the 1950s.
Tri-State promoted in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, the same area that Mid-South wrestling ran before attempting to go national.

In 1990, Herb Abrams started an unrelated wrestling promotion with the same name.

Four Horsemen promo
Nature Boy
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promo from the Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ric Flair & Lex Luger) with J.J. Dillon

Mr. Wrestling 1&2 against the Assassins on Georgia Championship Wrestling
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Mr. Wrestling 1 & 2 vs the Assassins on Georgia Championship Wrestling. All video footage is copyright of WTBS and Georgia Championship Wrestling, but legally reproduced here in conjunction with Fair Use Laws

Mid-South Wrestling - 1982-11-06
Nature Boy
3 Views · 8 months ago

Mid-South Wrestling - 1982-11-06

World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) -  04-19-86
Nature Boy
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World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) - 04-19-86

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1983-01-01
Nature Boy
2 Views · 8 months ago

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1983-01-01

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1982-11-20
Nature Boy
2 Views · 8 months ago

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 1982-11-20

Kevin Sullivan
Nature Boy
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Championship Wrestling From Florida (1985)

Georgia Championship Wrestling (1984) - Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol music video
Nature Boy
2 Views · 8 months ago

From an episode of Georgia Championship Wrestling. Hype for the tag team of Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol. First a music video set to "Strike Zone" by Loverboy followed by a promo from them afterwards. This is done to hype a match between them and the Road Warriors at the Omni.

Spilt Liquor At Ric Flair Shop
Nature Boy
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Listen To The Naitch Recreate One of His Classic Promos! Check Out The Spilt Liquor Shirt At

Andrade's Shocking Shoot Interview Details | NJPW's Controversial New Title | Pro Wrestlin
Nature Boy
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Show Starts
00:37 Andrade's Shoot Interview
07:41 NXT Tuesday Move Confirmed
09:46 IWGP Title Confirmed
13:04 Kickoff Show Changes
15:00 Road Dogg Health Update
15:53 Shatner In Hall Of Fame
17:22 Impact Wrestling Preview
18:40 Friendo Care Package!


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NWA World Wide Wrestling 5/23/87
Nature Boy
2 Views · 8 months ago

NWA Worldwide Wrestling 5/23/87 
 Tony & David announce the Horsemen have struck Dusty once again
 Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious interview
 New Breed vs. Rocky King & John Savage
 New Breed post match interview
 The $100,000 contract signing for Dusty & Tully w/ Jim Crockett Jr. (Dusty brings his money in paper bag)
 Barry Windham vs. Gladiator #1
 Jim Cornette w/ The Midnight Express interview
 Midnight Express vs. Dexter Westcott & ???
 Bob Armstrong vs. Mark Flemming
 Ric Flair interview (Flair says Precious took the coat, but she didn’t put out)
 J.J. Dillon & Tully Blanchard introduce Dark Journey as Tully’s personal secretary (clips of the Horsemen injuring Dusty’s leg from Pro)
 Vladimir Pietrov vs. The Italian Stallion
 RnR Express interview
 Arn Anderson vs. Tommy Angel
 New Breed interview
 Nikita Koloff interview
 Rock n Roll Express vs. Rick Nelson & Gary Young
 The 4 Horsemen interview (gloating over hurting Dusty)

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling - 11-26-83
Nature Boy
1 Views · 8 months ago

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling - 11-26-83

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