Nikolai Volkoff - Biography

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Nikolai Volkoff was a professional wrestler who debuted in the 1960s and performed up until his passing in 2018. Born Josip Peruzovic in Yugoslavia on oct 14 1947, he emigrated to canada after a weightlifting tournament in Vienna in the late 60s.
Standing 6’4 and weighing over 300lbs he caught the attention of calgary promoter stu hart and made his debut in stampede wrestling in 1967.
Throughout his career his wrestled under various names such as Bepo Mongol, Boris Brezinkoff, executioner #3 and most famously Nikolai Volkoff.
He performed in almost every major promotion during his career while being billed as a russian from the soviet union and singing the soviet national anthem before every match, usually being drowned out by boos and on several occasions being attacked by his opponent before even finishing singing.
One of the staples of the world wrestling federations national expansion during the 1980s with his tag team partner the Iron Sheik. And was co-holder of the tagteam titles on multiple occasions.

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