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NWA World Wide Wrestling 5/23/87

2 Views· 15 Sep 2021
Nature Boy
Nature Boy
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NWA Worldwide Wrestling 5/23/87 
 Tony & David announce the Horsemen have struck Dusty once again
 Jimmy Garvin w/ Precious interview
 New Breed vs. Rocky King & John Savage
 New Breed post match interview
 The $100,000 contract signing for Dusty & Tully w/ Jim Crockett Jr. (Dusty brings his money in paper bag)
 Barry Windham vs. Gladiator #1
 Jim Cornette w/ The Midnight Express interview
 Midnight Express vs. Dexter Westcott & ???
 Bob Armstrong vs. Mark Flemming
 Ric Flair interview (Flair says Precious took the coat, but she didn’t put out)
 J.J. Dillon & Tully Blanchard introduce Dark Journey as Tully’s personal secretary (clips of the Horsemen injuring Dusty’s leg from Pro)
 Vladimir Pietrov vs. The Italian Stallion
 RnR Express interview
 Arn Anderson vs. Tommy Angel
 New Breed interview
 Nikita Koloff interview
 Rock n Roll Express vs. Rick Nelson & Gary Young
 The 4 Horsemen interview (gloating over hurting Dusty)

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