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Texas All Star Wrestling TV (November 9th, 1985)

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Nature Boy
Nature Boy
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(I believe the last 2-3 segments (or the last) is from the 11/16/85 show, as Diamond/Gary Hart talked about a match 'tonight') I had this date wrong originally)
1) Chavo Guerrero/Big Bubba promo
2) Al Madril promo
3) Toshiaki Kawada/Samson Fuyuki vs Jim Powell/Nick Kiniski
4) Shawn Michaels/Paul Diamond vs The Hoods (highlights)
5) Mike Golden vs Al Gabigan
6) Killer Tim Brooks/Al Madril promo
7) Killer Tim Brooks vs Rudy Boy Gonzales
8) Kortsia Korchenko vs J.R. Hogg (5 minute challenge, fans get $5,000 if they can sit through and survive a Korchenko match for 5 minutes)
9) Chavo Guerrero/Big Bubba vs Al Madril/Killer Tim Brooks (highlights)
10) The Assassin/Dale Veasey vs Scott Casey/Chavo Guerrero
11) Shawn Michaels/Paul Diamond vs Toshiaki Kawada/Samson Fuyuki (managed by Gary Hart) promo for November 16th

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